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Thoughts on this site... 

There may also be links here to things I’m reading, interesting exhibits, etc... but this is more ambitious. We’ll see how far we get here. 

︎ Carlie Barrett, from Ambitious thoughts of Quarantine, 2020

…there is no where else to go, no where else to be, there might as well be at least two links. The present time allows for at least two links, wouldn’t you say? 

︎ Me, from Confidence, 2020

Three may be pushing it. 

︎ Me again, from I’m not a writer, 2020

        Someday (soon?) this will be a space that gives you a glimpse into my life & mind outside of my work and the few images on the main pages. My goals to leave the world better than I entered it, my love for the simple things in life that catch my eye throughout the day, open ended thoughts, probably many notes about my favorite things and process I have found to help me live a more sustainable life….

        Thank you for visiting. I hope you come back when more is here, but in the meantime please get in touch. I’d love to learn more about you too and maybe even work together.