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Exploring new opportunities to assist an individual’s ability to remain mobile

Starting with a brief from Live Well Collaborative, the goal of this project was to create an assistive mobility device that kept the elderly mobile by creating a product that is non-stigmatizing or psychologically destructive. Non-embarrassing, even pride inducing, canes are already available—for this reason, I focused on a walker design that could do the same while also solving other daily-use issues with existing walkers.

Inspired by tents, camping chairs, and luxury strollers, I developed a walker that can be easily transported and stored and has the style of sporting equipment instead of elder-care medical-ware. My hope was this form could excite and inspire the user to be more active and create a sense of pride in their device instead of embarrassment. I was happy to hear the users I shared the design with agreed.

This is a concpet design, not for production. 

Notes & Anecdotes

1 My final walker concept was chosen as one of four ‘Best in Show’ for this Livewell Collaborative Studio. 

2 Many hours were spent in nursing homes and at the homes of those in need of assistive mobility devices to gather insight and input throughout the design process. 


︎ Design Phase: Carlie Barrett
︎ Research Phase: Aaron Kurosu, Allison Dunphy, Anouk Moulliet, Carlie Barrett, Samantha Gustafson.