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Ray-Ban Raw Sounds Event

Clé de Peau Beauté Event

University Capstone Display Proposal


Work on various environments / events / spaces

Ray-Ban Raw Sounds: I worked on this event while on a co-op at MKG under Giulletta Tripoli. The event was held at a beautiful old church on the lower east side, NYC, to introduce the Ray-Ban Raw Sound project created with musician Johnny Marr. This event was a product & campaign launch as well as a multi-artist concert. My responsibilities included refining concepts, executing renders, producing tech-specs & working with the manufacturing team to execute, and load-in / setup.

Clé de Peau Beauté: This was also during my time at MKG. This event was a press event for the launch of a new line as well as a birthday party for spokeswoman, Amanda Seyfried. My responsibilities included designing product and food displays from initial concept through to executing the final setup at the event, finalizing designs for menus, booklets, and displays, sourcing products, and tech specs for setup.

University Capstone Display: A proposal for the final senior show at the University of Cincinnati.

Notes & Anecdotes

1 I have always loved the space where design fields overlap. I studied industrial design because I believed it to be the field that best connected all design—I have since learned just how deep this connection goes. Design is the bridge between so many fields outside of design. Here I will show a bit about my interest in the crossover with interior design.

2 Beyond the 2 events shown here from my time at MKG I also worked on many other events including multiple popups for Delta Airlines, the HMI Emery Awards, Google, the New York Wine & Food Festival, and more. 


︎ MKG Work: Giulietta Tripoli (Designer), Carlie Barrett (Design Intern)
︎ Other Work: Carlie Barrett