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For the Michael Kors traditional watch collection.

Watch design is not much without CMF design. Here is a small snapshot of the seasonal CMF (color, material, finish) & trend direction boards I created for the Michael Kors womens watch line as well as a few detailed CMF executions.

Please contact me for more details.
Notes & Anecdotes

1 I lost count of how many of my watch designs have gone to production. On last count, Feb 2016, I had designed 20 brand-new cases resulting in 159 SKUs + 17 updates/95 SKUs for Michael Kors. Plus another 2 case/5 SKUs for Tory Burch. This count does not include smartwatches.

Four seasonal collections were created a year, with two main trend & CMF directons completed a year.  

3 The mood images shown here for communication of direction and are not my own. My role was the curation & direction. The watch designs were executed by the rest of the design team and I.