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An update to the way we experience museums to avoid museum fatigue

A project that needs a new ending. Coming soon... 

My senior capstone (Bachelor of Science in Inustrial Design) was to relook at the way we experience musuems to reduce museum fatigue. At the time, personal technology with smartphone and apps were on the rise and the trend professors eagerly wanted to see. Frankly, I did not, but wanting to finish out the project and get to my graduated life, I let the professors act as clients and tuned the project accordingly. I found client work interesting and an interesting idea came of it, but I have wanted to look back at this idea through my original, non-tech lense ever since.
Notes & Anecdotes 

1 More to come as I relook at this project. Placing it here to hold myself accountable. 

2 The first pass at this project went down path A, the second pass may be closer to B & C or likely another option entirely. I’m excited to see.  


︎ Carlie Barrett – University of Cincinnati, and now designing in Brooklyn, NY.