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A space for rest and information at the Château de Chamarande

Completed during my semester studying at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) along side another student studying in Paris for the semester from Milan, Andrea, and a student of ENSAD, Murielle. This experience taught me respect for a more traditional and artistic approach to design that I have held dear to me since. The University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program teaches a very practical and technical approach to design, while valuable I wouldn’t be the designer I am today without my time spent at ENSAD. DAAP taught me the technical skills while ENSAD allowed me to recognize the importance of the heart in design.

Before breaking out into our groups, our process started as an entire studio with days of familiarizing ourselves with the environment until it was internalized. We spent an entire day painting chips to color match items from the grounds, then another matching them digitally, and refining for print. We picnicked on the château grounds, and once the design work got rolling we never missed a break for lunch—a group trip to the market, home cooking at someones apartment and a bottle of wine before returning to the studio to complete the days work.

Notes & Anecdotes 

1 Originally inspired by an artichoke, in 2020 I reworked the project to tell a more clear story with reference to the pine cone. A similar metaphor but with a deeper connection to the way the roof reacts with nature.

2 A group project completed by 3 industrial design students from 3 different schools and countries.  

3 The architectural program held a protest against their participation in this studio due to the precedent that the final school year should be focused fully on their thesis, thus, this project was completed soley by industrial design students -
sympathetic to the cause and excited by the challenge.


︎ Carlie Barrett – University of Cincinnati
︎ Andrea Strata – Politecnico di Milano
︎ Murielle Le Guennec – École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif