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Digital watchface & on-watch app designs for Michael Kors smartwatches.

Michael Kors smartwatches run on Wear OS by Google, but so do many competitor watches. For this reason it was very important to create custom on-watch apps and faces to set the platform apart from others and creative a fully branded Michael Kors experience.

The user-set watch face is the most viewed and used screen on the watch. Currently the Michael Kors Access platforms carries 65 unique face designs with infinite customization options on each. Additionally there are 5 unique apps to further the Michael Kors experience each highlighting a different core part of the brand. All watch faces were created by our team in-house. Some apps were created in-house while others were co-created with an outside agency.

Notes & Anecdotes

1 The category launched with 27,325,661 possible dial customization combinations. Now, with the addition of more dials and features, there are now an infinite number of combinations.
2 As a brand new category all systems were built from scratch with a forward-thinking, sustainable mindset. Interface design practices, animation, and more were all researched and self-taught on the job.


At the beginning of this process I was the sole designer from concept to execution, as the category progressed the team grew. While still actively designing, my resposibilities broadened and I took on a creative lead role. The following designers worked on this product at various, sometimes overlapping, times between 2016-2020. 

︎ Carlie Barrett – Creative Lead
︎ Sarah Bohn – Associate Designer
︎ Patricio Felix – Assistant Designer
︎ Taeyoung Chang – Assistant Designer