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A smart & quartz watch designed for Michael Kors 

The Michael Kors smartwatch collection, ‘Michael Kors Access’, has featured 11 unique case designs to date, with 6 generations. The category launched in 2016 with a smartwatch translation of two iconic Michael Kors platforms—Bradshaw and Dylan.

For the second-generation watch, the brand was looking for a new design created specifically for the technology, focused on functionality for the user, and proudly using the Kors design DNA.

Previous to this case, crystals on the bezel were not possible—as the most iconic element of Michael Kors watches—I worked closely with the engineering team to execute a case design both appropriate for the brand but one that would also not interrupt the functionality of the smart features or the production lines. This was crucial to the success of Michael Kors Access.

Fitting with the fashion brand, it was important the Sofie watch easily switch between a metal bracelet, leather strap, silicone wrapped bracelet or more. For this, we developed a unique quick-release pusher design that also informed the shape of the watch. The Sofie watch is a true example of form follows function. Paired with a unique bracelet design with a subtle feminine twist on the traditional 3-link watch bracelet, Sofie proudly owns the DNA of Michael Kors and has since become a top-performing smartwatch.
Notes & Anecdotes

1 The first Michael Kors smartwatch to be developed ground-up to be smart. Later, after its success in smart, it was translated to quartz in multiple sizes. In 2019, the Sofie smartwatch was refreshed with updated technology featuring a heart rate sensor, 3 quick-access pushers + a rotating crown, and a slimmer and smaller design.

2 With the quick-release strap design and the finely-tuned pavé bezel, the Sofie watch is a true example of form following function. 


︎ Carlie Barrett – Senior Designer 
︎ Sarah Bohn – Assistant Designer